FRI, MARCH 5, 2021 • S1 E38 • 27 MIN 33 SEC

Matt Mills with Coaching on the Run

Running a business is so much like running a marathon. Without the proper training, support, or vision, victoriously crossing the finish line can seem thousands of miles away. But if it’s tackling a marathon or running a business, taking the first step in the right direction depends on one factor: Self-leadership. That is exactly Matt Mills’ specialty. While coaching clients through the transformational experience of running mastery, he also parallels running to your personal and professional goals. So, if you feel drained by constantly running circles with your business or perhaps hesitant to step up to the starting line, laces up those sneaks, and hear how you can unlock your greatest potential! Shifter Wisdom: “Having the compelling vision of what I want and desire. For me, it’s always having the finish line. That can look differently, it can be a feeling, it can be more money, it can be better relationships…just having a clear vision of what keeps you motivated.” ( | |





FRI, MARCH 5, 2021


27 MIN 33 SEC