WED, NOVEMBER 25, 2020 • S1 E25 • 22 MIN 27 SEC

Layla Luna with Just Bee

“What kind of mother are you?!” This was the question, Layla had to endure while trying to comfort her crying and screaming son, who would not stop making noise in the pizzeria. It was supposed to be a relaxing dinner that turned into a night of humiliation and frustration…with all eyes on her family while management asked them to leave the restaurant. Everyone was looking, but what they failed to see was that Layla’s son is autistic…and he was having a sensory overload and expressing in the way he could. It was this moment Layla realized the disconnect between people being aware of autism and actually knowing the simple strategies anyone can implement to create a more inclusive environment. One career shift and tear-stained bumblebee blanket later, Layla Lana, Founder & CEO of the nonprofit Just Bee is now inspiring a movement focused on possibilities, not disabilities and the power to Just Bee the Change. Shifters Wisdom: “To actually be the change, it’s very scary. It’s overwhelming. You may not feel you are the piece to that puzzle, but if you have a passion you can do anything. Just go for it. You’re limitless…the only thing that stops you is you. Fear is just an illusion. If we all stay in our fear or say someone else is going to do it…nothing is going to get done. You have an opportunity to speak your truth, get out there and go for it.” ( | @justbeethechange | Facebook/ justbeethechange | LinkedIn/ justbeethechange | Twitter/ justbeethechange | TikTok/ justbeethechange1 |





WED, NOVEMBER 25, 2020


22 MIN 27 SEC