TUE, JANUARY 26, 2021 • S1 E35 • 24 MIN 14 SEC

Scott Newman with Elevation Concepts

Breaking free from the corporate grind…a popular reason why many shift to starting their own business. But not for Scott Newman. He actually rocked the corporate life, having accumulated $1 billion in lifetime managed sales and leading sales operations of 500+ employees that brought in a cool $60 million in sales annually. But it was during a staff meeting when a business idea sprouted in his mind…and he just couldn’t think about anything else. Now with his own business, Elevation Concepts, he’s raising the standard of workspaces everywhere…from the corporate office to your at-home workspace. Proudly made in the USA. Shifter Wisdom: “When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s just not about you. You still have to be daddy and [my family] keeps me moving. You have to keep pushing ahead. It’s easy to let your day go crazy when the first random thing happens….Positivity is huge. You have to have a positive attitude and a good clean mindset, that is what keeps you pushing ahead. Also, the drive for success. My mindset doesn’t even recognize failure or the word no. You’re always one no closer to a yes.” (www.elevation-concepts.com/ www.instagram.com/elevationconcepts | www.facebook.com/elevationconcepts | www.linkedin.com/company/elevation-concepts-llc | scott@elevation-concepts.com) Music by Broke for Free





TUE, JANUARY 26, 2021


24 MIN 14 SEC