SUN, MARCH 21, 2021 • S1 E40 • 30 MIN 49 SEC

Jaret Martino Shares a True Story of Survival, his Mother's, "Donna Stronger Than Pretty"

When it comes to movies and shows, Hollywood can be a powerful platform that shines a light on stories we often don't hear. But oftentimes, when it comes to the most sensitive topics…even Hollywood can be quiet. Instead of feeding into stereotypes and stigmas, Jaret Martino focuses on heart-centered storytelling based on real experiences that provide a voice to those who need it the most. People like his mother, a single mother, and a survivor of domestic violence. Shifting her pain into a positive, she embarked on a journey of discovering her own voice. And through the talent of Jaret's storytelling, his mother now inspires countless people around the world that they are not alone as they look for the courage to begin their own victim-to-survivor journeys. Shifters Wisdom: "The higher you rise, and the more you're shifting, people see bravery. And part of that bravery is the higher you go; there's an equal amount of push pack and negativity. People want to bring you down. I'm continuously learning by exposing stories; it's really important to stay grounded on why you started, what you love, why it's your passion, and why you love what you do every morning. If you don't love it, then change it." "If you're in an abusive situation, it's not your fault. That is the most important part and message. It's not your fault, and there are possibilities and support no matter what stereotypes and stigmas are present here today and no matter what anyone has to say." ( | | @JaretMartino | @LoveWinsFilms)





SUN, MARCH 21, 2021


30 MIN 49 SEC