SAT, DECEMBER 19, 2020 • S1 E29 • 27 MIN 49 SEC

Jessica Jacobs and Chris Goldberg of Winterlight Pictures

Stories are all around us…from books to short stories, to YouTube videos and podcasts. But what does it take to transform one of those stories into a binge-worthy series or the next blockbuster hit? For Chris Goldberg and Jessica Jacobs, their movie career paths crossed when they both worked at Studio 8, hunting and buying stories before competing film studios could snatch them up. Now they've partnered up on projects as Chris runs Winterlight Pictures, shifting from being the buyer of those next big hits to being the seller. In this episode, they share how they can spot a story that will captivate moviegoers and miniseries enthusiasts, and why you don’t need to be a skilled screenwriter to see your story shift from text to screen. Shifters Wisdom: Chris: “Never give up, trust your instincts, and build those relationships.” Jessica: “Keep good people close to you and be comes back around, and it does pay off.” (@winterlightpictures | | Upcoming projects to check out: Universal ( Lionsgate ( Music by Broke for Free





SAT, DECEMBER 19, 2020


27 MIN 49 SEC