WED, OCTOBER 14, 2020 • S1 E17 • 30 MIN 43 SEC

Jason Robinson with Playbook Five

Any athlete knows when you play the game, you’re bound to suffer an injury. And when that happens, you’re forced to observe the game you love from the sideline. But…what if you didn’t have to sit out? What if, no matter how major or minor the injury, you could keep playing? It was that experience and passion to keep playing football that ultimately inspired Jason Robinson to create Playbook Five, a virtual reality app that’s literally bringing an entirely new dimension to the traditional playbook. However, having spent the majority of his life on the field, Jason encountered infinite moments of shifting. But there was one underlying element that kept him on the path to success…and it’s something any entrepreneur has access to. Shifters Wisdom: “Early on in the journey, it’s always the hardest because you make mistakes and there is always doubt. I remember there will be a time I won’t be making the same mistake and that experience will work for me.” (| | | @PlayBookFive) Music by Broke for Free





WED, OCTOBER 14, 2020


30 MIN 43 SEC