THU, DECEMBER 24, 2020 • S1 E30 • 30 MIN 21 SEC

Hugh Ballou with SynerVision Leadership

With just a turn of a wand in one hand, an orchestra conductor has the ability to harmonize a vast array of instruments into a beautiful ballad. To ensure a successful performance, the conductor orchestrates many hours behind the scenes bringing this array of individuals together before ever stepping out on stage. In the like, an entrepreneur will spend many hours behind the scenes practicing, playing, and when ready, picking up your own wand to wave and stepping out onto the business stage for the performance of your life. For Hugh Ballou, orchestra conductor shifted to transformational leadership strategist, he teaches nonprofits and clergy about all the important behind-the-scenes secrets that result in a fine-tuned leadership with an even more harmonious operation. Listen in for a quick fine-tune. Shifter Wisdom: “We really need to equip ourselves for success. Never stop working on yourself and never limit the potential you have. There is potential we all have we can unlock.” ( | | | |





THU, DECEMBER 24, 2020


30 MIN 21 SEC