FRI, JANUARY 15, 2021 • S1 E34 • 19 MIN 16 SEC

Lisa Van Zuylen with Healings by Lisa M.

If someone were to ask you if you found your life’s calling, how would you answer? The truth is we all have an energy inside of us, that inner-pulse that makes us passionate about our beliefs and convictions. For some, the calling is natural…others need a little help. Lisa Van Zuylen is specialized in energy reading and healing, providing guidance to those who feel a life-changing shift coming but not sure which direction to go. Dubbed an intuitive life coach, she has helped many discover how to discover and pursue their life’s passion. But her energy healing powers don’t stop there. If you’re feeling on the brink of burnout or feel like you can’t escape the negativity in your life, this rejuvenating episode is for you. Shifter Wisdom: “Just helping people, that is what keeps me going. I want to help them live richer lives.” ( | | @lovinglifewithlisa) Music by Broke for Free





FRI, JANUARY 15, 2021


19 MIN 16 SEC